11 Questions to Ask an Interior Designer

Interior design projects have been on the rise as more people want to decorate or renovate their homes. It is an ideal project that helps make your home look more appealing. However, you need to ensure the project is carried out satisfactorily by an expert.

I remember hiring an interior designer who later did shoddy work, wasting my resources and time. Luckily, I researched thoroughly and found the 11 questions to ask an interior designer before hiring. So, if you’re considering decorating your home, check out these questions to help you make an informed decision.

11 Questions to Ask an Interior Designer

Carrying out thorough research before hiring an interior designer is vital. You want to ensure you deal with an expert who will not waste your time and resources. Many companies and individuals are parading as interior designers with little or no knowledge of the project. That is why you should be vigilant.

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Do due diligence before hiring one. Spend some time reading reviews about the designer you are hiring. Check their portfolio and social media to gauge their experience and expertise. Some of the designers have websites where you can check and see the projects they are doing.

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Better Yet: Ask These Questions to Two Interior Designers

I would advise you to have two designers in mind and ask them questions differently. Remember, this is like an interview you are conducting where the best candidate is the one to take the job. So gauge them and settle on the best.

Here are the MUST ASK questions for Interior designers:

What Services Do You Offer?

This question is very important and will depend on the type of project you want to carry out. Do you plan to renovate the whole house, which may require structural work? Are you planning to furnish a few rooms that may not need certain materials? Do you want to elevate the style of your furniture to look appealing or blend them with the interior of your home?

The answer to these questions will place you in a better position. You now know what you want. Now, ask the interior designer questions, depending on your desired project. This will help you gauge the designer’s experience level on the project you want to do.

Who Are Your Suppliers?

This is another vital question that will help you understand the quality of materials a designer uses. Understanding your designer’s network of supplies provides insight into the quality of material they will incorporate into your interior design.

The question allows you to understand if the designer has access to a variety of options that align with your taste and budget. Additionally, the question helps you evaluate whether the designer has established a good relationship with reliable vendors. A good relationship means the supplier will deliver the materials needed at the right time.

The fact is that you can source materials from another vendor of your choice. However, with advice from the designer, you can get high-quality materials from a reliable vendor.

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How Many Projects Do You Work on at Once?

As a matter of fact, your project is the key. You want to have the best attention from your designer to feel looked after. So, the question will help you understand the designer’s workload and clarify their availability to focus on your project.

The question can also give you peace of mind, knowing very well that your designer can quickly respond to calls and emails. Some designers tend to take on multiple projects simultaneously, meaning they exchange workers depending on the project’s priority. Rarely, you may be given an inexperienced worker to complete the ongoing project.

So, if a designer juggles through different projects, enquire about priorities so that you can also receive sufficient attention. You should also remember that a designer with few ongoing projects may indicate a lack of demand and experience. So, evaluate extensively to ensure your project receives the needed expertise and experience.

What Is Your Project Management Style Like?

Asking about the project’s management style offers insight into how to organize and oversee various aspects of your project. Some interior designing companies offer to take full responsibility for managing the entire project. 

This includes purchasing the materials, arranging deliveries, counter checking the deliveries, and storing them (deliveries)  in their warehouse. Assess and see if you are comfortable with the management, and also consider the cost you will incur at the end.

What Interior Designers Inspire You?

Another good question to help you gain insight into the designer’s influence and creative vision. The question also helps you see if their design aligns with your vision, style and preference. If you approve of the designer’s style, then your preferences are safe, and they may do the job according to your tastes.

However, if you disapprove of their style, you may consider flexibility. Some designers are flexible and may work tirelessly to do the job according to your vision and preference.

What Is Your Signature Style?

You need to understand the designer’s aesthetic and design approach. Whether it is minimalist, Hamptons, eclectic, traditional, or modern, understand their style to see if it aligns with your taste. 

Additionally, discussing their signature style provides insight into their strengths and areas of expertise. It lets you determine if they can effectively translate your ideas into a cohesive design that reflects your personality.

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Do You Share Your Industry Trade Discounts?

The fact is that most well-established designers get discounts from manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers. After all, they are loyal customers and will come again and again. So, if there are discounts, they must benefit. 

The discounts may range from 5% to even 50%, depending on the type of material being purchased. Passing down these discounts to the client can significantly reduce project costs, such as on furnishings, materials, and other elements.

What if I Don’t Like Your Design Proposal?

It is good to be open and tell the designer about your thoughts. Your decision carries more weight compared to the designer’s proposal.  Responding to the designer’s proposal dissatisfaction allows you to manage expectations and ensure a collaborative process.

Still, you can listen to their revisions and gauge their flexibility. A good designer should accept criticisms and be ready to accommodate your style.

How Do You Decide Which Projects to Take On?

Asking a designer about the type of project they prefer working on can help you understand their experience in the industry. Ask yourself, “Why do they prefer this project to the other one?” Their refusal of a certain interior designing project can tell more about them.

How Long Will My Home Interior Design Project Take?

This is a good question to help you manage expectations. You need to know the exact period your interior design project will take to help you plan accordingly. However, the duration may vary depending on the complexity of the design, availability of materials, and unforeseen challenges.

A good and experienced designer should understand these challenges, provide a realistic timeline, and communicate should anything arise.

Have You Done Similar Interior Design Projects Before?

Another excellent question to act as a reference point and gauge the experience. A designer who has successfully done a similar project before portrays experience and dedication. Check out the completed projects and see if they align with your vision.

You can ask their former clients about the project. Ask about the time taken to complete the project, the materials used, and how the project was managed from start to finish.

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Qualities of a Good Interior Designer?

Generally, a good interior designer must possess qualities that can help them secure a job. Here are some of the qualities you should look for before hiring a designer:

  • Flexibility: A good designer should be able to change project requirements and client preferences.
  • Communication skills: The designer should communicate frequently with the client to offer updates on the project’s progress.
  • Time Management: The designer should work within the stipulated time frame. Any delay should be communicated early enough.
  • Updated on trends: A good designer should be willing to stay updated on the latest design trends and technologies.
  • Collaboration: Should be willing to collaborate with the client, suppliers, architect, and contractors to ensure the smooth running of the project.

Related Questions

What Questions Do Interior Designers Ask Clients?

An interior designer may ask a client: What colors do you like or dislike? What interior design do you prefer? What design do you dislike? What is your budget? Do you know where to source materials? What patterns do you like?

What Do Interior Design Clients Want?

The four simple things a client may want are a portfolio, the entire project’s budget, personality, and personalization. A good designer should keep these elements to get many clients in homes and site projects.

Why Should You Always Hire an Interior Designer?

Hiring an interior designer ensures expertise in maximizing space, functionality, and aesthetics. Designers, especially those with good networks, can help reduce project costs by securing materials at a discounted price.


Asking the right questions when hiring an interior designer is ideal for ensuring the work is done satisfactorily. It helps to enhance a successful and satisfying collaboration. Before hiring a designer, ask appropriate questions to help you stay informed and find a designer who can bring your vision to life.

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