Do Interior Designers Do Renovations?

Several people asked whether interior designers work on remodeling projects or are simply involved in the design of indoor spaces. Interior designers like us are masters at transforming our clients’ spaces. So, do we, as interior designers, do renovations? Continue reading to learn about the numerous responses to this question.

Do Interior Designers Do Renovations?

Yes, interior designers do renovations. As interior designers, we specialize in enhancing and transforming the interior spaces of buildings. We’re skilled in selecting elements like materials, colors, and furnishings to improve a space’s overall design and functionality.Living room with a white long couch and wide glass side windows

Interior designers collaborate with architects and contractors in renovation projects. This is to ensure a cohesive and well-executed outcome. We assess the existing layout, suggest structural changes, and provide creative solutions. 

What Kind of Renovations Are Done by Home Designers?

The job done by an interior designer is to revitalize a space or home without changing the plan. Simply put, when it comes to home styling, whichever space I’m working on keeps its function. For example, a living room remains a living area with a new look.

According to renovation statistics, most homeowners in the United States use home stylists for renovations. It is usual for a new homeowner or someone preparing to sell their property to wish to renovate. I’ve worked with clients who want to increase the value of their homes by renovating.

Renovating focuses on repairing something old and changing it into something fresh. It could be a single room, a small office, or a whole structure. Renovations are divided into two types: structural and cosmetic. 

My Design and Renovations Portfolio

Most of our design portfolio consists of cosmetic renovations, though an indoor decorator can manage both. Renovations that interior designers do include:

  • Installing new floors
  • Painting or whitewashing
  • Replacing knobs and faucets
  • Repairing aging installations
  • Replacing worn-out doors and windows
  • Installing new kitchen cabinets
  • Replacing furniture and other accessories
  • Flooring.
  • Updating fixtures and fittings.
  • Light landscaping.
  • Building decks and pergolas 
  • Other forms of decoration and minor repairs.

Three pictures posted side by side of a before and after renovation results of a living roomHow Do Home Decorators Do Renovations

Home decorators are in charge of overseeing remodels and working with architects, contractors, and others. As an indoor designer, I work with clients to develop a layout incorporating their unique style and budget. 

This helps me ensure that my clients’ remodeling projects go smoothly and without any issues. Now, let’s take a closer look at the specific steps and details of how this entire process unfolds in a well-organized manner.

Developing a Design Brief

Indoor decorators are masters at putting together all the factors of a remodel. This includes space planning and reviewing layouts and floor plans. Also, it provides cabinetry designs and choosing colors and materials.

To create an interior, the designer must develop an overall concept and stick to it.” by Hadley, Albert. A design brief shows information. It’s about preferred indoor design styles and budgets for renovations.

Space Planning and Floor Layout Review

Renovating involves space planning. Space planning involves arranging cabinets, furniture, and fixtures across a space. 

This and the floor plan review, helps manage the space’s flow and function. The idea is to guarantee that each house space looks nice and performs its purpose.


Home stylists put in the remaining factors after space planning and floor layouts. These factors include buying materials and choosing color palettes to suit design briefs. 

Also, I would use a color palette generator tool. This way, I could ensure my clients get the best color designs.

How Do Interior Designers Add Value to Renovation Projects 

Indoor stylists like me are competent experts. We focus on the design and renovation of homes and offices. Our job as home decorators is to plan and carry out remodel makeovers. These transformations focus on the indoor spaces of a home or business.Stairs with clear glass panels installed on the sides of a two-story house

Indoor decorators undergo training to pay close attention to the details that will make a renovation stand out. Remarkably, home makeovers become more appealing with the addition of a home designer’s touch. When it comes to renovations, an interior decorator is crucial, and I’ll explain why in two points.

1. An Interior Designer Works to Create a Design Vision

Indoor designers turn various renovation ideas into what clients want. With this, we ensure that every design area reflects the client’s distinct taste and style. A designer explores various aspects to create something that expresses the client’s wishes. These aspects may include:

  • Color palettes 
  • Furniture design 
  • Lightings
  • Floor plans 
  • Building materials 

2. An Interior Designer Makes Sure Their Work Stays on Schedule

Sometimes, renovating homes takes time and becomes complicated. A home stylist serves as an overseer, managing each renovation step. Indoor designers work with contractors to ensure all renovation factors get done on time.

Related Questions

Is Interior Design the Same as Home Renovation?

Interior design and renovations are similar. I say this because a home decorator can handle both. As an interior designer, I work on remodels for my clients’ indoor spaces.

What Does an Interior Designer Do When Renovating a House?

When it comes to renovating a house, a designer does various tasks. We transform a room completely. This applies to everything, from laying out floor plans to getting materials.

How Does an Interior Designer Work on a Home Renovation?

There are various ways a designer works on a home renovation. One such way is to guide in the selection of fixtures and furnishings. A designer pays attention to the finer details. Thus, this gives the client great satisfaction once the work is complete.


Home stylists take on renovation projects and do an excellent job of it. We apply everything, from the client’s preferences to the best materials. 

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