How to Incorporate Local Art in a Vancouver Home Interior Design Project

Newcomers to Vancouver may be unfamiliar with the art scene locally. So, how to incorporate local art in a Vancouver home interior design project becomes a challenge. As a resident with a deep knowledge of the city’s culture, I’ve navigated these challenges for years. I’m excited to share my insights. Let’s dive in!

How to Incorporate Local Art in a Vancouver Home Interior Design Project

The bustling city of Vancouver is where natural beauty meets urban sophistication. Yet, creating a home interior that reflects its unique spirit is somehow ambitious. One way to infuse our living space with the essence of Vancouver is by incorporating local handicrafts into our interior design. 

I am someone deeply passionate about the craft scene in this city. I want to share my enthusiasm for blending local artistry into a Vancouver home. Living room with white furniture, dark wooden floors and asterisk shaped lighting fixture

Start With Research

Before going on a handiwork shopping adventure, it’s essential to do some research. Explore Vancouver’s vibrant artistry scene utilizing the following:

  • Websites
  • Gallery exhibitions
  • Art fairs

Vancouver Art Gallery and Art in Vancouver are two excellent resources to get started. These platforms showcase a diverse range of local artists and their works. They provide valuable insights into the city’s handicraft landscape.

Visit Local Galleries and Studios

One of the best ways to connect with Vancouver’s artistry is by visiting galleries and artists’ studios. The city boasts many galleries, such as:

  • The Equinox Gallery 
  • The Monte Clark Gallery
  • Inuit Gallery of Vancouver
  • Vancouver Biennale

I immerse myself in contemporary and traditional art forms whenever I visit these places. Also, I engage with artists and gallery owners. They offer a deeper understanding of their work. It helps me discover pieces that resonate with me.

Connecting and Building Relationships Helps

I build relationships with local artists. Connecting with these artists helped me gain insight into their creative process and the stories behind their art. It empowers me to select better pieces that connect with me. 

I remember a project where I collaborated with a Vancouver-based artist. Her abstract paintings added a pop of color to my living room. Also, it sparked conversations about the city’s handicraft scene. It enriched my knowledge of local art.Dining room with bleached wooden chairs and white cushions, with artsy light pieces and multi-colored rug

Consider the Existing Space and Its Elements

I usually consider existing interior design elements before deciding on any craft. It should seamlessly integrate with my existing design. 

I look for artwork that complements my color scheme, furniture, and overall aesthetic. For a minimalist design, a bold, vibrant painting can become a captivating focal point.

Showcase Different Handicraft Collection 

We can experiment with different arrangements, such as creating a gallery wall. Personally, I place sculptures strategically throughout my space. I use proper lighting to make a significant difference in highlighting my artwork pieces.

Explore – Combine, Mix, and Match

I do not limit myself to a single style or medium. Vancouver’s art scene is known for its diversity. So, I mix and match different pieces to create a dynamic and eclectic atmosphere. Combining photography, sculptures, and paintings can add layers of visual interest to a space.

Consider Seeking for Professional Guidance

When unsure how to curate an artwork collection, it’s best to consider consulting the services of an interior designer. These professionals specialize in incorporating artistry into home decor. So, they can provide expert advice and ensure that art pieces shine in a space.

It’s Essential to Budget Wisely

Artworks can be an investment. So, I set a budget that aligns with my financial goals. Various handicrafts come in a wide range of price points. It makes them accessible to different budgets.  

I usually remind myself that I am not just buying a piece of craft whenever I decide to buy one. It’s an investment in a unique cultural experience and will enhance my home’s ambiance.

It Helps to Stay Connected

I stay connected with the local art scene. In particular, I attend artwork events and exhibitions. I also joined new openings. This way, I continue discovering artists and expanding my collection. Vancouver’s artistic community is vibrant and ever-evolving. So, it offers endless opportunities.Living room area with blue and gray furniture, white metal table and gray floral rug

More Tips on Selecting Handicrafts

Choosing the right piece for an interior design project can be intimidating. So, to simplify the process, the following tips can help:

  • Pay attention to existing style: Ensure the artwork aligns with the design style, whether it’s an organic modern style or a West Coast contemporary design. Harmonizing elements create a cohesive space.
  • Size matters: Pay attention to the dimensions of the handicraft. Larger pieces can serve as focal points, while smaller ones can add accents of color and interest.
  • Storytelling: Select artwork that tells a story. The narrative behind the piece can make a space more engaging.
  • Consider custom art: When I struggle to find the perfect piece, commissioning a local artist to create a customized one is an excellent option. It ensures a personalized touch.
  • Grouping artworks: Assemble art pieces and create a dynamic and visually captivating gallery wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Creative Ways to Display Local Artwork in My Vancouver Home?

I explore creative ways to display local artwork by mixing and matching different mediums and styles. Also, I create a gallery wall, use floating shelves, and incorporate artwork into unexpected spaces, such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

How Can I Ensure Harmony of My Chosen Local Handicraft With My Existing Decor?

We must consider various factors to ensure our chosen local craft harmonizes with our existing decor. It includes color schemes, themes, and styles. Opt for pieces that complement existing design elements.

Are There Specific Local Art Themes or Motifs Popular in Vancouver Interior Design?

Vancouver’s artistry is famous for its diversity. Yet some popular design trends often seen here include nature, landscapes, and ocean-inspired pieces. Indigenous art is also frequently incorporated into the city’s interior design trends.


Exploring how to incorporate local art in a Vancouver home interior design project can be an enriching experience. Creating a visually captivating living space while participating in the city’s creative tapestry is awe-inspiring. Infusing Vancouver’s artistic energy into our home is experiencing the magic of living with the city’s artistry.

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