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Keely Smith, our lead designer, is very well recognized throughout the design world. She’s been quoted on many leading global home and garden publications.

Here are a few publications she’s been featured or quoted:

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Keely Smith quoted on Realtor.com

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Decorating Den Interiors gets featured in top-tier interior design and home publications. Here are a few examples.

Featured on HouseBeautiful about refreshing kitchens

Refresh Your Kitchen - Featured on House Beautiful

This featured article explains 7 ways to give your kitchen a refresh with a twist… it sets out features you can add to a kitchen you might not have considered.

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7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom a No-Stress Zone - Featured on ELLE DECOR

This bedroom refresh article focuses on how to create a more calming, serene bedroom decor.

Tips address colors, furniture, hues and flooring enhancements.

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Elegant bathroom ideas featured on VERANDA

7 Elegant Bathroom Ideas - Featured on VERANDA

Bathroom design is the thing these days. There are many directions you can go with it. One is the elegant angle which is fun.

This featured article suggest 7 ways to create an elegant bathroom.

Empty nester tips featured on HouseBeautiful

5 Tips for Empty Nesters - Featured on House Beautiful

Kids are gone. Now you have more space than you know what to do with… maybe.  What do you do with it?

That’s what this article covers setting out 5 tips for empty nesters to take advantage of all that newfound space.

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Multi-function room secretes - featured on ELLE DECOR

Secrets to a High-Functioning Multi-Purpose Room - Feature on ELLE DECOR

We’re big fans of multi-purpose rooms. These spaces are typically larger that incorporate areas for the designated use. It could be entertainment, reading, crafts, hobbies and of course, as the title of the article suggests, combinations of those uses.

Secrets to designing outdoor space - featured on House Beautiful

6 Strategies for Designing an Outdoor Space - Featured on House Beautiful

The outdoor space is as important as indoor spaces; at least that’s our motto. We take great care in designing outdoor spaces. The starting point is the main purpose of the space; we go from there when working with clients.

This article provides some good insight into the process for approaching outdoor space design.

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How to make WFH friendly home office - featured on House Beautiful

6 Tips for a Home Office Layout That's More WFH-Friendly - Featured on House Beautiful

Home offices are almost as integral a room as a living room. So many people work at home which means so many homes need an office.

Whether it’s a tiny space or reclaimed bedroom or bedroom or a large space in the basement, check out this article about home office layout tips.

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Why hiring an interior designer is worth - featured on ELLE DECOR

Why Hiring an Interior Designer is Worth It - Featured on ELLE DECOR

We’re kinda biased in answering this question. Of course, we believe it’s totally worth hiring an interior designer.

The main reason is the outcome.  Not to toot our own horn, but our designers have an eye for design. They can put colors, materials, textures, layers and furniture together in a way that creates spaces people love. You do the old double look just because it’s so nice.  That’s why you hire our interior designers.