How We Work

For 50 years, Decorating Den Interiors has helped tens of thousands of clients create better, more beautiful homes, one room at a time.  With talented designers throughout Canada and US along with access to over 150 brand name suppliers (incredible selection and quality), DDI is your right choice.

Our lead design specialist serving Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver is Keely Smith, who not only has plenty of design experience but is truly gifted.

Step 1: 15 Minute Information Call (No Cost)

The first step is to schedule a time when Keely will call you to learn about your design project.  It’s an opportunity for you to ask our lead designer any questions you have as well.  To get started, click the button below to schedule your call with Keely.

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Residential living room before our interior design services

Step 2: Free Initial Visit and Consultation

Step two is an opportunity for you to have Keely visit your home for a free initial design consultation.  This is when you show Keely your home and explain what you’re looking for such as what type of interior style you’d like to do as well as the scope of project you’re considering. It gives Keely a chance to provide some immediate feedback as well and start putting together some ideas and inspiration for home. This is an in-depth visit where Keely learns all she can about what you hope to turn your home into.  It’s also when you and Keely discuss your budget.

Step 3: The Design Plan & Presentation

Once the free home design consultation is completed Keely will put together a comprehensive design plan based on your budget and wishes and of course incorporating Keely’s expertise and ideas.

This phase is when Keely does much of the heavy lifting for your project. It includes sketching ideas, producing photo-realistic renderings of her ideas that include furniture, art, lighting and all other elements that make up her designs.

The entire design plan will be put together for you in an attractive digital format.

Once you review and approve Keely’s design plan, Keely starts putting the entire project together.

Living room design after renovation services

Step 4: Reveal Day!

This is an exciting day of course. This is when it all comes together.  We handle everything from getting every single piece delivered to your home to assembly to removing all packaging from your home. We’ll arrange everything exactly to the design plan. You simply sit back and relax as your space becomes your dream home.

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