How to Mix and Match Dining Chairs

Ever felt the urge to break from the monotony of matching dining chairs? If you said yes, then I get it. Well, I’ve grappled with the challenge of mixing and matching dining chairs. However, after a decade in the interior design industry, I have mastered the art behind it.

I have seen, worked on, and experienced how combining different dining chairs can breathe life into the dining space. Therefore, join me as I share practical tips and insights on how to mix and match dining chairs in your living space. This will ensure you add character and personality to your dining area.

How to Mix and Match Dining Chairs

Mixing and matching dining chairs is a classic design and an excellent way to personalize your dining room. The flexibility of mixing and matching is also a great way of saving on cash since you have to buy expensive matching chairs or a full dining set. 

Opulent dining room featuring a beautifully set table accompanied by luxurious chairs

However, the mixture of chairs needs creativity to ensure your dining area is appealing. You need to combine different types of chairs that complement each other without clashing. 

If you find the mix-matching process not bearing fruit, you can engage an interior design expert to help you do the job. At JD Elite Interiors, we can help you mix and match your dining chairs to enhance the visual appeal of your dining room. Our talented designers will do the trick of combining the chairs to help make the place look attractive.

The Tricks of Combining Non-matching Dining Chairs

“Make good use of the available resources.” That has been my saying since time immemorial. It makes me worry less since I can use the little resources I have to do what makes my room look neat and attractive. So, don’t look at your different dining chairs and think you can’t use them to make your dining area appealing.

That said, here are some of the tricks you can use to mix and match the chairs to strike the right balance between eclectic and cohesive:

Use Different Chairs With the Same Colors

Do you have traditional or modern-style chairs in your room? If yes, then you are only a step away from making the dining room appealing. Combining different chairs with different colors helps tie together a diverse set of seating options.

The approach of using different chairs with the same color adds depth and interest to the dining room without overwhelming it. The combination also allows you to experiment with different chair styles while maintaining a harmonious lock.

Incorporate a High-Backed Bench on One Side and Folding Chairs on the Other

Incorporating a high-backed bench on one side and a folding chair on the other is a brilliant way of increasing visual appeal and maximizing flexibility. Each chair plays its own role while still promoting a serene atmosphere. 

The high-backed bench ensures support and comfort, while the folding chairs provide convenience and ease of storage. The folding chairs also create enough space in the dining after they have been folded and stored. The created space can be convenient for toddlers to play in.

Use Different Chairs With the Same Upholstery

Do not throw away that old dining chair because you have purchased a new one. You may not have enough cash to purchase a full set of chairs; that is where the old ones come in. Unify the old and new chairs by re-covering them with the same fabric.

Whether it is a subtle texture or a bold pattern, coordinating upholstery ties the chairs together, resulting in a polished and harmonious look. Therefore, if you have old and new chairs, consider this approach to allow a sense of continuity and diversity in dining chair selection.

Exquisite dining room showcasing a grand table adorned with elegant chairs

Use the Same Chairs With Different Colors

This is another excellent way of mixing and matching chairs without breaking the bank. In fact, it is the widely used approach since you can buy the chairs in bits until you get the number required to form a set. 

Still, you can paint the chairs using different colors to enhance your creativity through color variation. The trick is to use colors that have the same value. If you choose a light color, paint it on all the chairs. The same applies when you choose dark colors.

Use Same Chairs With Different Upholstery

Using the same chairs with different upholstery is another ideal way to mix and match your chairs. The approach provides a cohesive foundation and allows for creative customization and personalization.

The approach involves re-covering the seats using different fabrics to maintain visual unity. If you have non-upholstered wooden chairs, add fresh cushions in an attractive range of colors and patterns. The goal is to infuse personality into the dining space while ensuring comfort and functionality.

Mix Wood and Steel for a Rustic Meets Modern Look

This combination involves incorporating chairs made from different materials (natural wood and sleek stainless steel). The mixture creates a captivating blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication. The juxtaposition of these materials brings warmth and texture while infusing a contemporary edge. Mixing and matching chairs with wood and metallic materials can also help you play with contrasting elements, striking a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

Use the Same Chairs With the Same Color Family

The goal here is to use colors of the same family on the same chairs. Do not confuse this with “Same chairs with same colors.” That is not mixing and matching. Our focus is on the same color family as it helps the uniform theme of the dining room.

Think of earth tones, shades of blue, or forest green. This is the most simple combination that creates a cohesive and inviting atmosphere for dining and entertaining your family and guests.

Use Chairs With the Same Frames and Simple Colors

The frames provide structural support, stability, and durability. They also offer aesthetics by defining the shape of the chair. Imagine incorporating chairs with the same frame and attractive, simple colors.

For instance, you can pair them with simple colors such as white, black, or natural wood tones to ensure a clean and elegant look. 

Wooden dining table with sleek black and gold chairs and drop bulb chandelier

Quick Practical Tips for Mixing and Matching Dining Table Chairs

The fact is that most dining rooms are more approachable when the chairs are mismatched. That is why you must consider mixing and matching the dining space to enhance aesthetics. Here are some quick tips to help you:

  • Stick to a cohesive color palette to maintain visual harmony.
  • Experiment with different furniture styles while keeping the frames consistent.
  • Mix materials such as wood, metal, and upholstery for added texture.
  • Consider the size and scale of each chair to ensure they complement each other.
  • Incorporate a variety of seating options, including benches, foldable chairs, and stools, for versatility.
  • Consider comfort and functionality when selecting chairs for your dining space.
  • Step back and assess the overall balance and aesthetic appeal before finalizing your dining space arrangement.

Related Questions

How Do You Pair Mismatched Dining Chairs? 

The best way to balance mismatched chairs is by placing them in pairs and opposite positions across the dining table. You must also find a common thread, such as colors, style, or materials, to help create cohesion.

Should Dining Chairs Be Lighter or Darker Than the Table

The chairs should be the same or darker than the dining table to create a cohesive look. Generally, lighter chairs create an airy and spacious feel, while darker ones add depth and drama to the dining space.

How Do You Mix Modern Dining Chairs?

You can mix modern chairs by blending different styles, materials, or colors within a contemporary framework. Consider mixing chair materials like metal, plastic, or wood to add texture and interest


Incorporating diverse dining chairs harmoniously enriches your space. It also fosters both functionality and aesthetics in the dining space. Try to balance elements like color, style, and material to create a captivating dining atmosphere. Embrace experimentation and trust your instincts to curate a dining space that is warm and inviting.

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