Boho Style Living Room Ideas

As a homeowner, I remember grappling with the challenge of transforming my living room into a stylish, cozy, and attractive space. Luckily, I learned about Boho style living room ideas, a revelation that completely changed my approach to living room decor. 

By embracing the eclectic charm and vibrant aesthetics of Bohemian design, I want to share my ideas and insights in detail. I believe the ideas will inspire fellow homeowners in their quest to create a perfect living room ambiance.

Boho Style Living Room Ideas

An inviting room space is what makes a house feel like home. Therefore, as a homeowner, you should do everything possible to create an attractive living space that makes you feel comfortable. 

A cozy living room with blue walls and a stone fireplace

With the introduction of Boho style living room ideas, you can infuse warmth, character, and a sense of adventure into your living space. The vibrant colors, cozy textures, and eclectic charm of the styles allow you to enjoy a relaxation that meets creativity and transforms your home.

However, the Bohemian style requires creativity of the highest order to ensure you maximize on the styles and ideas. For instance, you will need to group the ideas into various categories depending on how you want your room to look. Here are the Bohemian ideas that will make your room look attractive:

Furniture and Layout

Furniture plays a vital role in Bohemian design. Various furniture pieces in Boho style living rooms contribute to an eclectic and cozy ambiance. Here is what to do with furniture to create an enjoyable room:

  • Incorporate a burnt orange velvet sofa: Burnt orange can serve as a focal point in a Bohemian living space. Its rich hue adds warmth and depth to the space. The luxurious velvet texture makes the room tropical. Still, you can pair the velvet sofa with a round rattan coffee table, a table with a gals top, or a small rattan ottoman. This will help contribute to the vibrant and eclectic aesthetic.
  • Install hanging bed: Installing a hanging bed is another way of giving your space a Bohemian vibe. Suspend the bed from the ceiling with ropes or chains to create a cozy and Bohemian-inspired lounge area. You can use the bed when reading your favorite book or watching a movie from your phone.
  • Incorporate green velvet sofa: If you fancy nature, then you should have green velvet sofas since green represents nature. The sofa helps add richness, texture, and a pop of color, ensuring a touch of nature-inspired warmth. It also compliments other earthy tones found in Bohemian design.
  • Install a rattan hanging swing chair: A rattan hanging swing chair has an unconventional design plus relaxed seating that creates a laid-back atmosphere, perfect for Bohemian spaces. It works well when paired with mango wood, a coffee table, a pink or brown textile floor cushion, and a patterned rug.
  • Incorporate a wood TV stand: A TV stand is another common element in Bohemian interior design. The natural wood tones complement the earthy color palette typically found in Bohemian decor. Flank it on either side with beautiful natural plants and let it stand below the wall or Bohemian artwork to enhance beauty.
  • Incorporate rattan accent chair: A Rattan accent chair is an ideal piece of furniture commonly found in Bohemian design. The chair adds a touch of natural elegance and texture, ensuring a relaxed vibe in the room. Its lightweight and versatile design allows it to blend with other pieces of furniture, enhancing the overall Boho aesthetics.
  • Embrace a brown leather sofa in the room: A brown sofa leather can bring a cozy and rustic element to a Bohemian den. Its natural texture and rich tone add warmth to the living space. Pair it with woven rugs and colorful textiles to create a more inviting room.
  • Have a copper garden stool: A copper garden stool is another piece of furniture that provides extra seating in the room. It also serves as a mini table that can hold flowers, coffee, or any other beverage.

A modern living room with a white couch, chair, and table

Textiles and Texture

Like furniture, textiles and texture play an important role in creating an eclectic and cozy atmosphere in Bohemian style living rooms. Here are some of the things to do:

  • Add colorful throw blankets: Colorful throw blankets can help add vibrancy and personality to a Bohemian style living room. Their color, hue and pattern inject warmth into the space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Incorporate colorful throw pillows: Like the throw blankets, throw pillows can also add personality to the room. The pillows add energy, a layer of texture, and warmth to the space, complementing the sofa’s beauty in the room.
  • Add curtains and tapestries: Curtains and tapestries are ideal for enhancing visual interest in the room. They create a sense of coziness and serve as decorative focal points. Choose curtains and tapestries that match your home’s interior to enhance beauty.
  • Embrace natural fibres like wool, cotton and jute: These materials are used in rugs, cushions, throw blankets, and throw pillows to add an organic feel to the room while complementing the relaxed aesthetic of Bohemian style. They also infuse warmth, texture and earthy charm into your room.

Decorating Accents, Plants and Lighting

Decorating your living room with accents and lighting is the focal points of the visual appeal of the living room. Different decorations, plants and lighting help create a visual appeal, enhancing the beauty of your living room. The following are some of the things that will ensure an ideal decorating accents and lighting:

  • Boho artwork: Boho artwork complements the Bohemian design by featuring culturally diverse patterns and nature-inspired imagery. The artwork represents nature, flowers, plants, animals or people. Ensure the artwork matches the color theme of your living room. Also, hang it above the brown leather or green sofa where it can be seen easily.
  • Macrame wall decor: Macrame is an ideal decorating style commonly used in Boho interior design. It resembles handmade craftsmanship and embraces natural materials such as cotton, or jute. This helps to add warmth, depth and a touch of Bohemian design.
  • Indoor house plants: Besides the green velvet sofa, indoor plants also add a touch of nature to the living room. They bring out the picture of lush jungles or eclectic botanical gardens that bring life and freshness to the space. Place these plants in every corner of the living space and enjoy nature’s freshness.
  • Swing and string lights: Swing and string lights evoke a whimsical, relaxed atmosphere resembling a cozy outdoor retreat. The string lights hanging from the ceiling create a magical ambience that creates an inviting space to read or chat with your loved ones.

A cozy living room with a comfortable couch, a stylish chair, and a warm fireplace

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Is Boho?

Some of the most common colors of bohemian design include yellow, yellow, blue, grey, white and brown. The colors combine artistic expressions inspired by nature and global cultures that give it an aesthetic look. Boho aims to create a harmonious blend of warmth and vibrancy in a living room.

How Can I Make My Room Look More Bohemian?

To make your room look more Bohemian, incorporate elements like layered textiles such as rugs, throw blankets and pillows. Mix and match patterns, textures, and colors for an eclectic vibe. Add plants for a touch of nature, and incorporate vintage or handmade decor pieces. You can also embrace unique furniture and accessories with global influences.

Is Boho Still in Style?

Yes, Boho still exists and is the best choice, especially among homeowners who embrace the aesthetic appeal. The style allows you to incorporate elements like plants, furniture, and lighting to create a curb appeal.


Boho-style living room ideas offer a unique blend of creativity, comfort, and cultural richness. It creates inviting sanctuaries that match your taste by embracing eclectic decor, vibrant colors, and natural elements. With its enduring appeal, Boho style inspires and delights those seeking a cozy and eclectic aesthetic.

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