Living Room Interior Designs (North Vancouver Designers)

Carefully selecting an interior design style that fits your needs and preferences creates a beautiful, functional living space. JD Elite Interiors focuses on usage, style, and quality when designing living rooms in North Vancouver homes.

We take living room interior design and decorating very seriously, regardless of the scope of the residential interior design we offer clients. It’s often the showcase room in a home. Whether a client wishes to make it a more casual space for family use and frequent entertaining or more formal, we deliver.

Living Room Interior Design Trends in Vancouver

JD Elite Interiors offers a variety of customizable, stylish living room designs and decor to inspire you to create a space reflecting your taste. Browse our interior design styles to build the living room aesthetic of your dreams.

West Coast contemporary living room design by Keely Smith of JD Elite Interiors

West Coast Contemporary

The Berkley Road project evokes a strong West Coast contemporary style with light wood flooring, white walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a neutral sectional contrasted with two plush blue accent chairs. The open space invites abundant light to bring out the space’s natural beauty.

Keats house living room renovation by Keely Smith of JD Elite Interiors

Modern Boho

The Keats House project is in Modern Boho, a clean-up version of the traditional full boho style. There’s less clutter, although it includes some whimsical design elements. Imagine an eclectic combination of rattan, macramé, and ethnic patterns.

Transitional living room


We tend to focus on the contemporary family of styles, yet transitional interior designs can fall into that category if the emphasis is on contemporary instead of traditional. This living room has both traditional and contemporary elements. Rich woods, neutral hues, and elegant furnishings won’t go out of style.

Contemporary Northwest

Contemporary Northwest Style

Here’s a great example of a contemporary Pacific Northwest style living room. Most of the elements are contemporary, yet the liberal use of wood trim gives it a dose of North West style. Warm textures, modern artwork, sleek shapes, and minimal clutter characterize this interior style.

North West Style Living Room

Pacific North West (PNW) Style

Here’s a living room in the Pacific North West style with strong hints of Craftsman and extensive wood use (floor, trim, and beams) with matching furniture to boot. The rugged beauty comes from natural materials and cozy spaces.

Large gray sectional facing a dark gray modern fireplace


This living room is the poster child for contemporary design, with a large gray sectional facing a dark gray modern fireplace, which is on a light wood floor. Sleek furnishings, clean lines, and polished decorations can further personalize a contemporary living room.

Traditional living room with warm brown and white color tones


Our traditional interior designs embrace timeless elegance through rich materials, ornate accents, and warm, saturated colors that create an inviting, grand atmosphere. These traditional design elements result in a space that feels grand and timeless.

Living room with California modern aesthetic of bright colors and unique furniture pieces

California Modern

A California modern design embodies laid-back luxury through natural materials, vibrant colors, and a mix of vintage and modern elements inspired by the relaxed, sunny atmosphere of the state. We bring sunshine and California cool indoors using whitewashed wood and abundant greenery to evoke a coastal escape.

Industrial themed living room with bare floors and walls and a leather couch


The industrial design brings a raw, minimalist contrast to Vancouver’s typical coastal interior aesthetic through exposed bricks, distressed woods, and metal finishes. In recent years, locals have increasingly embraced this stripped-back style for its minimalist appeal.

Living room with tufted sofa set and retro furniture pieces

Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern design embraces a retro-chic aesthetic with clean lines, playful patterns, and organic shapes inspired by bold mid-20th-century styles. This sleek, minimalist, sophisticated look that emerged in the 1940s continues to gain popularity in Vancouver for its timeless appeal.

Rustic styled living room with gray arm chairs and sofas


Rustic interior design emphasizes a warm ambiance through earthy hues and organic materials like wood and textiles, incorporating elements such as exposed beams and stone accents for a natural feel. Our designers combine handcrafted furniture and weathered textures to evoke a cozy yet refined atmosphere, offering a harmonious retreat with its down-to-earth charm.

Organic and modern themed living room with high ceilings and white and bright orange accents

Organic Modern

In Vancouver, the Organic Modern style is famous for its aesthetic appeal and refreshing atmosphere, particularly sought after by eco-conscious individuals. We create contemporary aesthetics with handcrafted and sustainable elements, integrating vintage pieces to infuse depth and character into spaces while fostering a serene and eco-friendly sanctuary.

Chalet styled living room with a leather sectional sofa

Contemporary Chalet

Drawing inspiration from traditional alpine lodges of the Swiss Alps, our Contemporary Chalet interior designs infuse homes with a cozy winter wonderland ambiance through natural materials, warm colors, and rustic accents. These furnishings prioritize comfort and functionality, using clean lines and simple shapes.

Key Elements in a Living Room Design

Our designers at JD Elite Interiors create functional yet beautiful spaces by expertly balancing aesthetics and practicality, paying close attention to every detail from colours to layout.

  1. Furniture arrangement: The furniture arrangement in a living room is crucial for creating a comfortable and functional space. The furniture layout should allow easy movement throughout the room while creating a focal point that draws the eye.
  2. Colour scheme: The colour scheme sets the mood and tone of the living room. Neutral colours are often used as a base, while accents in bold colors can add interest and personality. The colour scheme should also complement the style and aesthetic of the room, especially if you want to match the wall color with wood flooring.
  3. Lighting: Lighting is an important aspect of interior design and can greatly impact the look and feel of a living room. A combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting can be used to create a warm and inviting space.
  4. Texture: Texture is an often-overlooked element of interior design, although it can add depth and interest to a living room. Fabrics, rugs, and decorative accents can introduce different textures.
  5. Accessories: Accessories are the finishing touches that bring a living room together. This can include artwork, decorative objects, area rugs, and plants from the LIVV Home Collection. Choose accessories with care to ensure that they complement the overall style and aesthetic of the room.

Attributes to Look for in a Living Room Interior Design

Personal touches and finishing details complete a room’s look, adding personality that professional design alone can’t provide. You can achieve these attributes with polished and expertly planned interior designs, makeovers, and renovations.

  • Symmetry: Symmetrical living room designs draw attention to focal points like an art piece or ceiling fixture. Look for anchoring backdrops that focus on key elements. 
  • Contrast: Contrast adds vibrancy by pairing bold statement pieces with soft hues and textures for a lively yet cohesive look.
  • Harmony: Harmonious interior design seamlessly blends elements in space through complementary styles, textures, colors, and decor for a cohesive feel.
  • Luxury: Luxurious living rooms feature bold focal points, opulent fabrics, and oversized lighting that commands attention while unifying the look.
  • Proportion and scale: Create visual balance through properly sized items suited to the room. Mismatched furniture dimensions look disjointed.
  • Functionality: Functionality balances beauty and purpose via purposeful furniture, logical lighting, and storage solutions.
  • Rhythm and coordination: These attributes create fluidity through repeating colors, textures, and forms across a space. Even small rooms feel open with plush details and pops of color.
  • Comfort: Quality interior design creates comfort and visual interest even in small spaces through thoughtful details like plush cushions.
Living room with a gray sectional sofa, fireplace and brown center table

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