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We love creating beautiful interiors for ski chalet homes, but we do so with a twist. It’s what we call the “contemporary chalet” style, a stunning mix of rustic and contemporary. This includes plenty of wood but more glass and straight lines than the traditional chalet style.

We offer our clients in Vancouver West Coast interior design service, all the way up to Whistler, where the contemporary, modern chalet style is becoming the go-to interior design style.


What is "Contemporary Chalet" Style?

It’s chalet style with a contemporary twist (our design services specialize in contemporary or modern with a twist). Contemporary chalet style blends the cozy, natural elements of traditional alpine chalets with sleeker, more modern aesthetics. It retains the charming wood and stone features but incorporates more metal, glass, and sharp lines.

Some key characteristics of contemporary chalet interiors include:

  • Abundant use of wood paneling, beams, furniture, and finishes, often in lighter stains compared to heavy, dark woods. Walnut, maple, and whitewashed pine are popular options.
  • Incorporation of metal accents and fixtures, like steel beams, metal legs on furniture, and pendant lighting. This contrasts with the wood textures.
  • More straight lines – instead of hewn beams, this style uses square or rectangle beams and wood.
  • Furniture with a more sleek design. Not quite so overstuffed.
  • More glass to let natural light in. Traditional chalet designs don’t place much emphasis on glass. Contemporary chalet does – larger and more windows throughout.
Chalet living room interior style

Similarities to Traditional Chalet

While contemporary chalet interiors incorporate modern elements, they retain some key features that connect back to the classic alpine style:

  • Great rooms and open concept spaces remain essential for a communal atmosphere. Vaulted great room ceilings also emulate classic chalets.
  • There is still abundant use of wood throughout. Wood walls, beams, floors, and furniture are integral to the chalet style. Contemporaries simply lighten the wood tones.
  • Natural materials like stone and wood create inherent coziness, balanced with sleek metal and glass.
  • Furniture prioritizes comfort, though with less overstuffing. Upholstered seating and padded chairs/benches bring softness.
  • Small nods to the traditional style, like antler chandeliers and carved wood details, can accent the modern interior.

The core foundation of wood and natural elements that make chalet interiors so inviting is preserved. The modern chalet style builds upon that foundation with refreshed, contemporary finishes and furniture. Ultimately, a warm, welcoming setting to relax after time on the slopes remains the priority.

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How to Decorate for a Modern Chalet Style

Bringing contemporary chalet elements into your home creates a casually elegant, nature-inspired space perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Here are 5 tips:

Make Nature a Primary Element

Use organic textures and natural materials as a starting point. Layer in wood, stone, leather, and wool textiles. Display natural artifacts like antlers or dried botanicals. You can opt for faux hides and plants if preferred. 

Neutral, earthy color palettes complement the natural vibe. Ideas include warm wood stains, forest greens, buff tans, and soothing blues reminiscent of mountain skies.

Incorporate Natural Lighting

Floor-to-ceiling windows and abundant natural light are signatures of the contemporary chalet look. Consider window treatments, like layered linen sheers, that filter light while maintaining views. 

Replace small multi-pane windows with fewer larger panes to open sightlines where possible. Supplement abundant windows with skylights and solar tubes. Candles and ambient pillar lights bring a cozy glow once the sun sets.

Embrace Rich Textures

Texture breathes life into every interior. When designing a contemporary chalet space, layer luxurious textures that beg to be touched. Thick wool throws, plush area rugs, and supple leather dining chairs create irresistible warmth. 

Contrast soft textures with solid ones: the smooth polish of a marble cocktail table, rugged oak floorboards underfoot, or a nubby linen sofa. Use textural contrasts to define spaces as well. For example, pair a chunky knit pillow with a steel and glass console table. The more texture, the better.

Blend Unexpected Elements Together

The mix of rustic and refined is what defines the contemporary chalet style. Don’t be afraid to combine natural and industrial elements to pique interest. 

For example, pair a granite-topped bar side table with sleek metal bar stools. Or, display a set of antler sconces on a concrete accent wall. The blend of rough and smooth textures makes a striking statement.

Look for Statement Pieces

Every space needs a showstopping furniture piece or captivating focal point. This could be a huge stone fireplace flanked by towering windows or an imposing wood dining table set beneath a modern chandelier. Search for special items that immediately grab attention while aligning with the aesthetic. Statement lighting fixtures that incorporate antlers or tree branch designs work beautifully.

By playing with texture combinations and seeking eye-catching accents, you can curate a contemporary chalet interior with cozy warmth and sleek style. The overall effect should feel luxe yet livable.

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