Most Popular Interior Design Styles for West & North Vancouver

JD Interior Designs offers different interior design styles to suit any home or commercial space in Vancouver. While trends come and go, we specialize in some of the most sought-after interior designs in Vancouver. Over the years, we’ve planned and decorated a range of interior styles that reflect a client’s unique visions.

Different Interior Design Styles in Vancouver

When it comes to renovating your home or doing a room makeover, one of the first decisions to make (which we can help with if you need it) is choosing an interior design style. Our approach to helping clients identify the ultimate style is to drill down into one of the many styles.

Any of these interior design styles can add beauty and functionality to living spaces in their own distinct ways. Here’s an extensive list of styles to choose from:

Traditional living room style


Traditional interior design is like a warm hug from grandma! This design style incorporates classic elements, like ornate moldings, elegant furnishings, and rich colors, to create a sophisticated look.

Think of it as the epitome of classic beauty. Traditional spaces feature elegant curves and intricate details, like carved moldings, detailed cabinetry, and ornate chandeliers. These traditional design elements result in a space that feels grand and timeless.

  • Materials such as wood, marble, and silk create a warm and inviting atmosphere
  • Bold, statement pieces add a touch of personality to the space
  • Rich, warm hues, like deep reds, greens, and blues, for richness and sophistication
  • Elegant fabric patterns such as damask, chintz, and tapestry
  • Ornate accents like crown molding, chandeliers, and fireplace mantels
Transitional living room style


This is a catch-all style since it means a combination of different styles. Transitional interior design is like a chameleon, blending the best of traditional and modern design styles! This interior style incorporates classic elements, like rich woods and elegant furnishings, with sleek lines and a minimalist aesthetic.

Think of it as a bridge between traditional and modern design styles. Transitional spaces feature clean lines and simple forms, yet with a touch of warmth and elegance. These transitional design elements result in a timeless, classic look that never goes out of style.

  • Neutral hues, like beige, gray, and white, create a calm and serene atmosphere
  • Combination of metal, wood, and upholstered furnishings
  • Textured elements such as rugs, pillows, and bedding
  • Mix of traditional and modern furniture pieces
  • Curved lines mixed with clean, straight lines
Contemporary style living room


Contemporary interior design is all about keeping up with the times! It’s a fresh and modern approach to decorating that incorporates the latest style trends in Vancouver home decor. This style is characterized by clean lines, neutral color palettes, and minimal clutter.

It embraces open spaces with a focus on functionality and comfort. Think sleek sofas, angular coffee tables, and interesting lighting fixtures. So, whether you’re a fan of the latest tech gadgets or simply love the look of a well-designed space, contemporary interior design is the perfect style for you!

  • Sculptural lighting and modern artwork
  • Sleek, minimalist shapes and silhouettes
  • Materials such as stainless steel, glass, and concrete to create a cool, industrial vibe
  • Warm textures and organic materials, such as wood and stone, add a cozy touch
  • Eye-catching piece of art or a quirky lighting fixture to create a unique and personalized space
West Coast contemporary living room with large windows

West Coast Contemporary

Our West Coast Contemporary design services are our interior design specialty, including iterations such as California Modern and Organic Modern. It’s a distinct interior design that combines modern elements with the West Coast’s natural beauty.

Over the years, we’ve seen how the West Coast has a staying power in Vancouver spaces because of its emphasis on open spaces and abundant natural light. It’s no surprise because of Vancouver’s proximity to the ocean and natural beauty.

  • Natural materials like stone, wood, and woven textiles
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows to bring the outdoors in
  • Neutral walls to highlight views of nature
  • Open, airy floor plan for seamless indoor and outdoor living
  • Organic shapes and lines for a relaxed vibe

French Farmhouse

The French farmhouse style beautifully melds elegance with practicality. This interior design style often features soft and muted colors. It also incorporates natural materials like plaster walls, raw wood and stone, floral and botanical motifs, and wooden beams.

In recent years, the French farmhouse style has also gained traction in Vancouver homes. This look provides warmth and character because of its vintage charm, natural materials, and cozy furnishings.

  • Distressed wood finishes with chips and imperfections
  • Floral and striped fabrics in soft, faded hues
  • Vintage furniture pieces and accessories
  • Light neutrals like white, gray, and beige
  • Rustic textures like jute, burlap, linen, and terracotta


Without much ornamentation and decoration, a minimalist interior design has become increasingly popular among spaces in Vancouver. With emphasis on essential elements, minimalist interiors balance aesthetics and simplicity.

It often features clear, open spaces and a limited color palette. With an uncomplicated look, the space’s clean lines, natural light, and neutral color schemes shine brighter.

  • Sparse furnishings and decorative accents
  • Neutral palettes and monochromatic color schemes
  • Clean, simple shapes and lines
  • Visible wall spaces and empty surfaces
  • Multifunctional furniture and hidden storage
California modern style living room

California Modern

Our California Modern Design Services are about laid-back luxury and effortless style! Inspired by the sunny and relaxed vibe of the Golden State, this design style incorporates natural materials, bright colors, and a mix of vintage and modern elements.

Think whitewashed wood, indoor-outdoor living spaces, and plenty of greenery. Whether you’re looking to create a coastal escape or just want to bring a touch of California cool to your home, this style is the perfect way to bring some sunshine indoors!

  • Large windows, sliding glass doors, and skylights bring in plenty of natural light
  • Plush sofas and oversized chairs, casual throw pillows, and woven accents for comfort and relaxation
  • Macrame wall hangings, woven baskets, and natural fiber rugs for boho-chic touches
  • Sunny hues and beachy shades, with pops of bright, bold colors
  • Organic, asymmetrical shapes and curves
Example of organic modern lighting in living room

Organic Modern

Organic Modern style is another desired interior design in Vancouver because of its visual appeal and physically rejuvenating ambiance. Perfect for eco-friendly households, the organic modern trend focuses on modern design paired with handmade and sustainable elements

Pieces like vintage furniture and accessories add depth and character to organic modern spaces. It embraces minimalism and natural elements to create a tranquil, organic modern sanctuary.

  • Natural materials like wood, bamboo, cork, and stone
  • Asymmetric shapes and curved lines
  • Warm neutrals mixed with organic greens and blues
  • Abundant plants, natural light, and airflow
  • Textures like woven rattan, nubby linens, tactile ceramics, and distressed leather
A room with ratan chairs, carpet, and cabinet


Vancouver’s seaside location creates a sense of tranquility, making the coastal interior design an in-demand style for locals. The serene ambiance celebrates ocean views and breezes through weathered woods, nautical accents, and soothing blue and green hues.

It brings a coastal environment indoors, with a casual elegance suiting West Coast living. Imagine the seaside elements of sand, surf, and sky radiating in your home.

  • Light and airy colors like beachy blues, greens, and neutrals
  • Weathered woods and natural fibers like jute and linen
  • Textures like rattan, seagrass, driftwood, and reclaimed wood
  • Nautical accents like oars, anchors, and ropework
  • Relaxed, casual furnishings for a laidback seaside feel
Northwest style living room style

Northwest Style

We love incorporating a Northwest interior design because it’s about embracing the great outdoors! Inspired by the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest, this design style combines natural materials, earthy colors, and rustic accents to create a cozy and inviting space.

Our Northwest Interior Design Style Service for Metro Vancouver features clean lines and simple shapes, focusing on comfort and functionality. Think warm woods, like cedar and pine, combined with stone and brick accents.

  • Earthy tones, like moss green, forest green, and deep browns, reflect the lush greenery and rich soil of the region
  • Large windows and balconies provide stunning views of the surrounding landscape
  • Plush textiles, like wool and flannel, bring a touch of coziness to the space
  • Clean lines with simple, functional furnishings
  • Indoor and outdoor connection to Pacific Northwest landscape
Modern style living room


Modern interior design is all about keeping it sleek and stylish! This design style is characterized by clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and a focus on functionality.

Gone are the days of cluttered spaces and outdated decor. In modern interior design, simplicity is key. Think smooth surfaces, monochromatic color schemes, and geometric shapes.

  • Glass, steel, and concrete create a sleek, industrial vibe
  • Warm textures, like wood and leather, add a touch of warmth to the space
  • Sleek, streamlined furniture, often in metal, leather, or plastic
  • Asymmetric designs and bold geometric shapes
  • Neutral palette with pops of bright colors


We create glam-inspired interior spaces with a polished and upscale charm to make a bold statement. With a highly styled approach, glam interiors are perfect for households wanting metallic accents, opulent fabrics, and luxurious materials.

Glam interiors embrace mirrored furniture, striking animal prints, and bold jewel tones against rich velvets and lacquered woods. With texture and shiny elements, a glam interior’s overall effect creates a lush and opulent ambiance.

  • Luxe materials like mirrors, velvet, crystals, and metallics
  • Dramatic elements like bold patterns, shiny lacquers, and animal prints 
  • Opulent color scheme with jewel tones, gold, and black
  • Glitzy chandeliers, eye-catching candlesticks, and sparkling accessories
  • Smooth and polished sinks, tables, and countertops


An industrial interior design brings a stripped-back and raw contrast to the traditional coastal vibes of Vancouver interiors. In recent years, industrial interiors have gained popularity among locals because of their minimalist aesthetic.

We’ve encountered requests for distressed woods, exposed bricks, and metal finishes. While it originally became popular among loft-style living spaces in the 1960s and 1970s, more spaces now embrace neutral walls and high ceilings for a casual yet relaxing ambiance.

  • Exposed ductwork, piping, and bricks
  • Distressed wood with a worn, weathered finish
  • Metal furnishings and hardware like zinc, steel, and iron
  • Vintage factory equipment used as functional decor
  • Neutral color palette of whites, blacks, grays, and browns
Art deco living room with yellow furniture and a blue rug

Art Deco

Representing the luxury of the 1920s, the Art Deco interior design emphasizes vibrant colors, intricate details, and bold geometric shapes. The sleek lines of the Art Deco style resonate in many Vancouver homes.

From lavish gilded accents to sumptuous materials, an Art Deco interior channels an era synonymous with sophistication. Its striking patterns and vivid palettes create an ambiance that resonates even in today’s contemporary world, seamlessly merging nostalgia with modern style.

  • Bold colors like sapphire blue, emerald green, and ruby red
  • Geometric patterns and angular, rectilinear shapes
  • Sleek lacquered wood furniture
  • Luxurious materials, such as glass, mirrored surfaces, and marble
  • Metallic accents, including steel, chrome, and brushed brass
Mid-century modern style living room

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern interior design is like a blast from the past! This design style is characterized by its retro-chic aesthetic, focusing on clean lines, organic shapes, and playful patterns. It features bold geometric shapes and simple forms inspired by the bold and innovative designs of the mid-20th century.

It’s also typical to see sculptural shapes with fluid, organic curves in furniture. While it emerged in the 1940s, its sleek aesthetic, minimalism, and sophistication continue to gain attention among Vancouver homeowners nowadays.

  • Wood, leather, and vinyl create a warm and inviting atmosphere
  • Bold hues and playful patterns, like mustard yellow, turquoise, and atomic starburst motifs, create a fun and dynamic space
  • Clean, simple lines and minimal ornamentation
  • Tapered legs for low-profile sofas and armchairs
  • Natural woods mixed with colorful plastics and sleek metallics


Vancouver residents love to embrace diversified, creative styles in their living spaces. Perfect for free-spirit individuals, a bohemian interior design embodies an eclectic yet relaxed aesthetic. 

The bohemian decor adds a free-spirited vibe through rich patterns, exotic textiles, and an artful mix of vintage and modern furnishings. Bohemian interiors feature jewel-tone pillows, ornate area rugs, carved wood pieces, and gallery walls showcasing tapestries, abstract art, and macrame.

  • Carefree yet richly layered textures, patterns, and exotic prints
  • Vibrant colors with bold hues like orange, teal, and magenta
  • An eclectic mix of vintage, antique, and modern furnishings
  • Eye-catching decors like macrame, fringe, embroidered fabrics, and ornate rugs
  • Artwork and accessories from around the world


Do you want to experience what it’s like to live in the tropics? Experience calm, relaxation, and comfort with the soothing breeze of a tropical-inspired interior design. Our designs bring vacation vibes to homes, so you don’t have to leave town just to experience a resort-like luxury.

Tropical decor uses palm prints, banana leaf wallpaper, woven woods, and macrame accents. More than that, houseplants and fresh flowers enhance the jungle feel.

  • Tropical motifs, animal prints, and botanical patterns 
  • Warm wood tones and ocean-inspired blues and greens
  • Organic textures and free-flowing shapes
  • Natural materials like woven woods, rattan, jute, and bamboo 
  • Lush greenery such as succulents, orchids, ferns, and palms
Chalet living room interior style

Contemporary Chalet Style

Our Contemporary Chalet interior design services will bring a cozy winter wonderland to your home. The traditional alpine lodges and chalets of the Swiss Alps inspire this design style. It incorporates natural materials, warm colors, and rustic accents to create a cozy and inviting space.

Think warm woods, like pine and cedar, combined with stone and brick accents. Natural wood furniture, like handcrafted wooden chairs and reclaimed wood coffee tables, are popular choices, as are plush sofas and cozy textiles.

  • A blend of rustic and modern elements
  • Large windows provide stunning views of the surrounding landscape
  • Plush textiles, like wool and flannel, bring a touch of coziness to the space
  • Warm hues, like deep reds, warm yellows, and rich browns reflect the warmth and comfort of a roaring fireplace
  • Furnishings feature clean lines and simple shapes, with a focus on comfort and functionality


The Scandinavian interior design remains a popular favored interior design in Vancouver properties because of its emphasis on simplicity and functionality. This light, bright look highlights functionality through minimal clutter, clean lines, and a calm, inviting palette.

Scandinavian interiors are perfect for people who appreciate lots of white, natural woods and simple yet cozy furnishings. Pops of black and neutral accents can also keep the look serene.

  • Light, airy, and minimalist aesthetic
  • Lots of white and neutral shades of gray, black, and beige
  • Simple, functional furniture pieces in natural wood tones
  • Subtle patterns and textures like woven blankets and sheepskin rugs
  • Abundant natural light with large windows and skylights


Our rustic interior design ideas create a cozy atmosphere with the help of earthy tones and natural materials. A rustic interior has charm from natural textiles, handcrafted furniture, and weathered woods.

Common rustic elements include exposed beams, stone accents, wrought iron, and furnishings in natural grains and textures. Embodying a harmonious home retreat, the overall vibe is down-to-earth yet sophisticated.

  • Natural, raw woods with visible grains and distressing
  • Leather, stone, and wrought iron for texture
  • Earthy tones like cream, mustard, brick red, and sage green
  • Handcrafted furnishings and decorative accents
  • Cozy cabin vibes with plaids, woven blankets, and fireplaces
Maximalist living room interior design style


Maximalist interior design is like a party for your eyes! This design style is about going big and bold, incorporating patterns, textures, and colors to create a vibrant and eclectic space.

Think of it as the opposite of minimalism. Maximalist spaces feature bold patterns, bright colors, and eclectic furnishings. The result is a space that feels fun, playful, and full of personality.

  • Velvet, silk, and florals create a lush and luxurious atmosphere 
  • Neutral pieces, like solid-colored sofas or simple light fixtures, balance the bold elements
  • Bright hues and bold patterns, such as bright pinks, bold greens, and eye-catching prints.
  • Lavish layers of textiles, accessories, furnishings, and artwork
  • Overall eclectic, ornate, and opulent aesthetic


Our Mediterranean-inspired interior projects are perfect for brightening up spaces and creating the illusion of bigger interiors. A Mediterranean interior design evokes a breezy seaside lifestyle, featuring sun-washed colors, wrought iron decor, and terracotta tiles.

It highlights open-floor designs, large windows, and high ceilings. Despite natural textures and simple lines, the design aims to combine lavishness and relaxation.

  • Terracotta tiles and stucco walls
  • Wrought iron, wood, and wicker furnishings
  • Window frames, arched doorways, and architectural details
  • Vibrant colors like yellows, deep blues, and earthy terra cotta
  • Accessories like textiles, decorative tiles, and ceramic vases

Spanish and Aztec

Spanish and Aztec-inspired interiors feature symmetry, bold hues, geometric designs, and sweeping lines. Designs showcase the symbolic art of bold, bright, and exotic design elements.

Symbolic elements such as deity, color, and symbol are also common. While preserving cultural heritage, this interior design style blends a futuristic theme with the functionality and aesthetic appeal of modern Spanish architecture.

  • Bright, vibrant paint colors like terra cotta, green, and ochre
  • Decorations like ceramic accents, tapestry pillows, and hammered metals
  • Ironwork, wrought iron, and leather
  • Carved wood pieces and beamed ceilings
  • Intricate tilework or traditional hand-painted Talavera tiles
Living room with a textured rug and woven furnishings


An Asian-inspired interior creates a sense of balance and cohesion. Cultural practices of meditation bring a peaceful and harmonious environment to this interior style.

It’s often characterized by Asian accents, including bamboo, rattan, gently curved lines, and delicate artwork such as scrolls, screens, and bonsai trees. Common design inspirations come from China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

  • Clean lines, minimal clutter, and neutral color schemes
  • Natural materials like bamboo, rice paper, rattan, and ceramic
  • Serene artwork like scrolls, calligraphy, and decorative screens
  • Subtle ornate colors like turquoise blues, jade greens, and coral reds
  • A sense of harmony and tranquility in the space
Bedroom with wooden cabinets, red rug and textured walls

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