Northwest Interior Design Style Service for Metro Vancouver

Northwest interior design style is popular on the North Shore and throughout Vancouver.  After all, it’s a style named after the geo-location.

It’s a mix of chalet, transitional and contemporary.  You can go with a rustic twist or keep it more contemporary and sleek.

We’re well-versed in this aesthetic; it’s one we love to work with. If you’re looking for an interior designer or interior decorating in Vancouver to transform your home, we’ll come to your home for a complimentary consultation and discuss how we can create this design for your home.

So, let’s dive into this design style more so you get the big picture.

Embodiment of the Northwest Interior Design Style

In essence, the Northwest style embraces natural materials, indoor-outdoor connection, and an eclectic blend of cultural influences for a comfortable, livable home. It’s authentic to the region while welcoming a variety of designs.

For this architecture, the idea is to see exposed beams, textured patterns, and organic shapes that promote air quality and clean lines.

Environmentally Sound and Sustainable Designs

The Northwest has spearheaded sustainable design utilizing local resources, which is environmentally responsible and defines its signature aesthetic. This approach efficiently employs nearby resources while promoting eco-conscious practices.

Sustainable Northwest homes incorporate extremely energy-efficient elements like salvaged local woodwork, zero VOC finishes, and heat recovery ventilation to reduce environmental impact. In addition, sustainable Northwest homes may occupy small in-fill city lots, maximizing usable space while minimizing unnecessary sprawl into natural environments.

Organic modern interior design style living room.

5 Key Elements of the Northwest Interior Design Style

Learning the key elements of Northwest homes can help you plan the decor, furniture, and overall color palette in a beautiful way.

Northwest style living room

1. Natural Materials

Every aspect of the Northwest style, which reflects the Pacific Northwest, contemplates natural materials. With such a rich landscape and geography, the materials that make up this aesthetic are beautiful – think primarily wood and natural stone.

A water feature is an excellent way to integrate a peaceful element into your space. The point is that the design style reflects the region’s beauty and its connection to the outdoors.

2. Color Schemes

Colors used in this style are typically earth tones such as gray, brown, and green. These color schemes must reflect the surrounding landscape, whether in your bathroom or guest room.

Whether you want to add color through patterns or decor, these earth tones are combined with neutrals such as beige and white.

3. Furniture With Natural Elements

Furniture is always an important consideration for any design style. We source the finest furniture made from wood, metal, and stone to add contrast to a space.

Often, there’s a rustic twist, such as cabin-style elements like plaid fabrics and woven baskets.

4. Lighting

Every style must carefully consider lighting. We put particular care into planning and sourcing lights.

The starting point for lighting in the Northwest style is natural light via large windows and skylights. Additional light sources include lamps and dimmable room lights to illuminate a room for any mood or occasion.

5. Indoor-Outdoor Architecture

The finest homes throughout the Pacific Northwest give careful planning to indoor and outdoor spaces. While it’s not Florida or California, because it doesn’t get terribly cold, outdoor areas can be used much of the year.

We love incorporating our interior design ideas into the outdoor space. When creating attractive and functional outdoor spaces, the Northwest style is a beautiful way to use stone tiles, contemporary decor, and rich patterns.

Northwest style living room style

6 Ways to Incorporate a Northwest Style into Your Space

Here’s some inspiration on integrating a Northwest design as if you have your own shoreline and rugged mountains at home.

1. Opt for a Soothing Palette

Utilize a soothing, nature-based color palette rather than bright, bold hues. Different wood tones create depth, while shades of gray, brown, cream, moss green, beige, and faded terracotta complement the wood.

Pastels also pair well, like a light kitchen backsplash with matching wooden cabinetry balanced by matte black handles. The muted palette spotlights texture and organic warmth to reduce stress and boost mood.

Example of organic modern lighting in living room

2. Incorporate Live Edge Wood

Wood is integral to bringing the Pacific Northwest style to any interior. Using wood for furnishings, floors, counters, stairs, and beams (paired with modern accents) inserts organic warmth and texture. Essentially, warm wood enables eco-conscious decoration that welcomes nature into homes. Its remarkable adaptability perfects the Pacific Northwest look.

Beyond conventional applications, get creative with carved natural pieces, like a reclaimed wood cabinet, herringbone wall, or a single slab of oak table. This adds an earthy flavor and unique character to minimalist and industrial designs alike.

Living room area with blue and gray furniture, white metal table and gray floral rug

3. Decorate Using Native, Local Art

The Northwest interiors balance warm, modern sensibilities with authentic decoration echoing traditional local craftsmanship and customs. These one-of-a-kind pieces represent rich cultural history through earthy, grey colors and patterns that distinctly decorate homes.

An excellent way is to display Native American wood carvings and engravings that gracefully inject regional heritage. Further local art options that boost charm include specialized pottery, artisan blankets, and terracotta planters. Though varied, such pieces unite rooms through handmade warmth and regional roots.

Organic modern interior design bathroom

4. Select Nature-Inspired Accent Pieces

This style uses water representations to instill tranquility. Mini backyard ponds or indoor water features create a peaceful ambience. Shades of blue/green glass used in mirrors, backsplashes or pendant lights suggest reflective seas and rainfall. 

I like combining glass elements with unpolished stone. Meanwhile, brick or natural stone textures around fireplaces mimic the area’s craggy mountainscapes. Overall, water elements enhance the harmonious feel.

Close-up view of outdoor kitchen with pizza oven, grill and smoker.

5. Bring the Outdoor Experience Indoors

Mimicking the outdoors is also central to Northwest interiors through abundantly incorporated greenery. Ferns, palms, and philodendrons are perfect woodsy, hassle-free houseplants. Large windows allow the entry of sunshine to counter gray skies and rainy days.

Furnishings like a darkened sofa backed by a fireplace can replicate regional tree trunks and forests for cozy interiors on cloudy days. Candles with woodsy coastal scents complete the transportive natural experience indoors.

6. Create an Easy Flow of Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Seamless indoor-outdoor connection also defines the look through patios, herb gardens, and comfy cedar seating. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow bountiful light and showcase exterior vistas like art.

Sitting areas near large windows, such as banquettes or breakfast nooks, provide the perfect perch to lounge with a drink while enjoying the views. Essentially, Northwest homes welcome surrounding nature and scenery inside.