Cottage Project

Cottage Living Room Design

Type of project: Cottage living room space re-design.

The main change in this living space is the transformation from a complete wood surround to white walls. The chalet feel is preserved by keeping the ceiling and floors in the original wood.

New larger windows bring in more natural light, and the extensive library was moved to one single area, making it a focal point.

The furniture and finishings are mid-century with rustic undertones. The simplification of the space allows for better traffic flow, extra space for guests, and an updated style.

What Is a Cottage Style Interior Design?

A cottage style interior design is a warm and inviting approach that celebrates coziness, charm, and a touch of rustic whimsy. Here are some key interior design elements that define this delightful aesthetic:

  • Cottage living rooms often feature warm tones, bold prints, and pretty patterns that create a cozy feel. 
  • When decorating a bathroom or a bedroom, original features like exposed beams, fireplaces, or wall paneling get embraced and highlighted. 
  • Ideas for the color scheme typically revolve around earthy shades like neutral green or blue
  • Whether it’s in the sitting room or dining room, pops of vibrant hues manifest through decorative accents and art.
  • Walls painted in soft shades or covered in wallpaper with floral or pastoral motifs like light blue
  • Decorating with vintage chairs, antique curtains, and repurposed cabinets
  • Showcasing artwork with nature-inspired scenes or pastoral landscapes
  • Green plants on the floor and fresh flowers on a coffee table for a touch of natural charm

The dining room is another perfect place to embrace the cottage aesthetic. Like in traditional cottages, a cozy breakfast nook with built-in seating, a farmhouse-style table, and chairs with cushions in bold prints create a welcoming space for intimate gatherings. Bathrooms can also reflect the cottage style with elements like:

  • Claw-foot tubs or pedestal sinks
  • Floors made of stone, wood, or patterned tiles
  • Vintage-inspired fabrics for curtains, towels, and rugs

Ultimately, cottage style interior design celebrates a warm, lived-in feel with a mix of patterns, textures, and original features that showcase the character and charm of the space.

Overhead view of a living room cottage

What to Look for In a Cottage Living Room Design?

By embracing these design elements, your cottage living room will exude a welcoming and warm atmosphere. The interior ideas that draw inspiration from cottages invite you and your loved ones to slow down and savor the simple pleasures of a well-planned house. 

When designing a cottage living room, there are several key elements to consider that will capture the essence of this charming and inviting style:

Cozy Layout Space

Small cottage living rooms benefit from a thoughtful layout that maximizes the space while maintaining a cozy and intimate feel. An antique rug can help define the seating area, while blue walls create a calming backdrop. When working with an interior designer, communicate your desire for a room that invites you to stay awhile.

  • Add natural textures like wood, wicker, cushions, and linens, even for the bedroom.
  • Embrace a rustic feel with distressed or vintage-inspired furniture.
  • Hang curtains with a delicate pattern to soften the walls.

Focal Points

The focal point of a cottage living room is often the fireplace, which adds warmth and character. Like in cottages, surround it with comfortable seating, such as an overstuffed sofa or armchairs, perfect for team time and movie nights with family.

  • Display family heirlooms or antique art pieces that tell a story.
  • Use natural light using skylights or strategically placed windows in the living area.
  • Bring in greenery with potted plants or a vase of fresh flowers.

Color Palette

When it comes to color schemes, a cottage style embraces soft neutrals, pastel hues, and rich earthy tones. You can draw inspiration from nature for a soothing and organic palette.

  • Consider layering different shades of blue, green, or cream in the bathroom.
  • Show pops of color using accent pieces like art paintings and throw pillows.
  • Mix and match different patterns and textures for visual interest.

Accents and Patterns

For a true cottage feel, consider painting the walls a soft blue hue or adding green beadboard paneling. These touches, combined with the right lighting and cozy textiles, will create a space that feels like a perfect fit for a charming country house or a quaint seaside cottage.

  • Hang a painting or mirror above the fireplace for added depth.
  • Place area rugs to create prominent zones within rooms.
  • Encourage rest and relaxation with plush cushions and throw pillows, even on the floor.
Living room area with a vintage desk chair, gray sectional sofa and a circular coffee table

Furniture That Goes Well in a Cottage Living Room

Cottage style living rooms call for furniture that exudes warmth, comfort, and a homey feel. With the right furniture choices, decorating a cottage living room can feel warm, welcoming, and perfect for gathering with loved ones. Here are some pieces that can perfectly complement this charming aesthetic:

Sofas and Armchairs Upholstered in Cozy Fabrics

Comfortable seating is valuable in cottage living rooms, as it invites you to relax and unwind in a cozy atmosphere. An interior designer often recommends choosing sofas and chairs with plush upholstery, like floral prints or classic checks, to create an inviting and homey feel that embodies the cottage style.

  • Look for a sofa or chair with rolled arms and plump cushions for ultimate coziness.
  • Choose armchairs upholstered in classic checks, floral prints, or linen fabrics.
  • Avoid straight lines and sharp edges in favor of curved, inviting silhouettes for chairs.

Coffee Tables and Side Tables With Character

In a small cottage living room, coffee tables and side tables made from natural materials like distressed wood or painted finishes can add warmth and design inspiration. These pieces remain functional while contributing to the charming, rustic aesthetic that is quintessential to cottage style interiors.

  • Opt for distressed wood or painted table furniture for a vintage vibe.
  • Mix and match different wood tones for an eclectic room look, even for the floor.
  • Consider repurposing an antique trunk or an art chest as a coffee table.

Window Seats and Cozy Nooks

A well-designed cottage living room often incorporates window seats or cozy nooks, which create intimate sitting areas that embody the warm and inviting space feel of this style. These charming alcoves provide additional seating while offering a delightful spot to curl up, perfectly complementing the cozy and welcoming ambiance of a cottage living room.

  • Create an intimate sitting room by adding cushions and pillows to a window seat.
  • Tuck a small armchair into a corner, perfect for curling up with a book and putting the feet up.
  • Use colorful throw blankets and fabrics to add texture and warmth.

Heirlooms or Vintage Furniture

Furniture with a story, such as family heirlooms or vintage finds, can add character and charm to cottage living room floors and walls. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles and eras to create a space that feels uniquely yours.

  • Repurpose antique cabinets or dressers as media consoles or table storage solutions.
  • Look for furniture with intricate details, like carved wood or distressed fabrics.
  • Use woven baskets or trunks as functional yet stylish storage in a bathroom or bedroom.


Cottage living room before photo

Cottage living room before photo



Living room design for a cottage project

Gray long sofa and blue circular bean bags for a cottage living room re-design