Stellar Condo Interior Design Services in West & North Vancouver

Yes, we offer residential interior design Vancouver for condo owners.  Might I say, we do a very good job.

It’s always going to be a unique experience when designing a condo.

Condos come in all different sizes, shapes, and styles, and bring with them a distinctive set of restrictions.

That’s not all; you’re also designing for a tight space! And according to a 2019 Better Dwelling analysis, condos are only getting smaller by the year.

In this post, we’re going to look at:

* The benefits of hiring a professional condo interior design service

* How an interior designer can help you with your condo

* What to expect from the process of using an interior design service.

Let’s get into it…

Full open concept condo renovation

Design Challenges for Condos

With a condo, it’s going to be all the little things that make a big difference.

Just because a condo may be less square footage than a detached home doesn’t mean it requires less effort or attention to detail. We know that every square foot matters so we focus on every single design detail.

Here’s how an interior designer will be able to help you:

Maximizing Limited Space

You don’t want to walk into your condo and think, “This is so cramped!”

Instead, wouldn’t it be nice to walk in and marvel at the expanse of space that was truly possible?

A skilled interior designer will be able to make your condo seem larger than it is and perfectly maximized for everyday living.

We deploy the same skills to townhouse interior design in Vancouver.

Implementing Creative Storage Solutions

There’s nothing worse than a pile of boxes shoved into every corner, disguising all manner of sins. Instead, your designer should be able to help you with creative storage solutions.

How about that dead space around the sink? What about going vertical to get more out of your condo? They know all the tricks in the book to give you more of what you need.

Choosing Appropriate Furnishings

The furnishings in your condo will be what makes or breaks your space – especially if you’d like there to be bespoke items.

An interior designer will be able to help you design and choose furnishings that fit your design aesthetic, as well as the available space in your condo.

It isn’t easy furnishing a space at the best of times — and then there are condos!

Enhancing Natural Light

In small spaces, light is key.

While you often can’t install extra lighting in condos, your interior designer will know how to enhance the light that’s already there, or add layered light to help brighten the space.

Balancing Style and Functionality

It’s all well and good if it looks nice— and of course, we all want it to look nice — but it’s equally important that you can live in your condo every day!

Your interior design service should help you balance the aesthetics of your space with practical functionality.

Addressing Building Restrictions

If you aren’t entirely sure how to design with the restrictions of your building, this is where a professional interior designer can step in and help.

If you can’t paint your walls, an interior design service will know how and where to add color to your space.

If you need more light but can’t exactly knock a hole through the wall, they’ll be able to come up with creative solutions for you!

Condo living room renovation

Why Hire Us for Your Condo Makeover

There’s a makeover and then there’s elevated design.  What do you want for your condo?

Most people can order some flooring and a painter and pick out a new sofa.  Those efforts might even be an improvement, but there’s a huge difference between a basic makeover and creating a truly beautiful space.

We create beautiful spaces.

Customized Design Solutions

With condos, there are often restrictions in place as to what you’re allowed to do. 

Can you paint your walls? How do you make your design reflect your personality when you only have a single one-bedroom condo?

An interior designer will work with you to implement your ideas and vision into your condo — and it’ll be just for you!

Space Optimization

As any condo owner will know, space is often tight! 

This is why a professional interior designer will know best how to use every nook and cranny in your space to maximize its potential.

Clever design solutions are their bread and butter. So why lose sleep over it, when you could put it in their hands instead?


When it comes to condo design, there’s no reason to flail around trying to figure out how to do it yourself when you can call in the professionals.

Any interior designer worth their salt will come in with years of experience at their fingertips, ready to help you design the condo of your dreams.

Saves You Time

It’s easy to spend hours and hours trying to decide exactly which bureau is going to look best in your condo. 

However, poring over pages and pages of design choices isn’t going to get your space turned around!

Interior designers have the know-how to get the job done quickly and take it off your hands completely, saving you time and money. After all, you’re a busy person with plenty to do!

Increased Condo Value

Through the simple act of hiring a professional interior designer, you’ve increased the value of your condo. Boom.

With that added stamp of “professionally designed”, your condo will not only be cozy and beautiful but also easier to manage down the line when you want to sell up and move on!

Improved Overall Functionality 

In a tight space like a condo, high functionality is key to living comfortably. 

Your interior designer will be able to get the best out of the space to ensure that your condo is perfectly compact and still has everything you need for day-to-day living.

Condo bedroom renovation

The Process for Hiring Us to Renovate or Redesign Your Condo

Our process is straightforward.

Schedule a call (see below) with our lead designer.

On the call, schedule a time for us to come to you to tour your condo and discuss what you want to do.

From there we put together a comprehensive design report that includes full 3D renderings of our proposed designs.

Once you approve of our proposed design, we get everything you need for your makeover – furniture, rugs, art, window treatments… whatever is in the plan, we’ll source it from the very best manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.

Installation – once everything is shipped to our warehouse, we’ll schedule a day with you to install it in your house.  We’ll assemble, maneuver and remove all packaging. We’re white glove.

When we leave your condo, you just sit down, relax and enjoy your new space.