Our Townhome Contemporary Interior Design Services

Like condo interior design in Vancouver, we love working with townhomes.  Some designers might find it challenging given the long and narrow dimensions, not us.

Our focus is on contemporary design but almost always with a twist such as contemporary chalet or Northwest modern or West Coast Contemporary or Coastal contemporary. That’s our thing – making contemporary both warm and clean. That sums up our interior design Vancouver services in two words.

Here are the specifics of our townhome interior design service.

Home office in a townhome

Maximizing Space

Tall and narrow — it’s a design nightmare… at least to some. Not us! The limitations of the architecture of your townhome will be what dictates the interior design, and that can be hard to get your head around.

However, we will know exactly what design choices will be able to maximize your space.

The end result will feel cozy rather than cramped, and still allow for plenty of storage and whatever else you need.

Master bedroom in townhome

Custom Style

Your home should reflect your personality. Unfortunately, townhomes are notorious for cookie-cutter design, leaving little room for individual style or flair.


Luckily, a professional interior designer can help you bring your design aesthetic into your space, so that you are truly reflected in your townhome.

Bathroom in townhome

Optimizing Light

As townhomes are often sandwiched together tightly, the only natural light you’ll be getting is from either end of the building — the front and the back. 

The key here, then, is to optimize the effect of that light. This will ensure that your townhome feels bright and airy.

It can be a pretty daunting task to undertake, especially if you haven’t got the first clue about lighting. Again, a professional interior designer will be able to step in and help.

They’ll be able to suggest creative design solutions and ways to optimize natural light. So, no matter what vibe you’re going for, you can achieve it in your townhome.

Townhouse interior design

Room makeover to a total redesign

We take on all project scopes, whether a single-room makeover or extensive full-townhome redesign.

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